Bearings Size Chart

Our size chart contains dimensions of numerous bearings. It includes the article name, inner and outer diameter, weight and width. The product series are listed into categories, to simplify the searching. With our size chart it’s also possible to browse through our product range of bearings. Clicking on single articles will take you to our online shop – attributes like the material, manufacturer and customs tariff number are listed to each product. Besides that, you can use our search function to find more articles.

The categories Radial Ball Bearings, Radial Roller Bearings, Axial Ball Bearings, Axial Roller Bearings and Housing Bearings will be made available to you soon.

LAEPPCHÉ does not assume the provided information by Schaeffler of our bearing size chart. The PDF files are intended for downloading for free but it’s still the property of LAEPPCHÉ. We do not assume any liability for the details of the provided information.