Frequently asked Questions

What is the daily shipping deadline?
In order to process your order on the same day, we need your order received by 04:30 pm (02:00 pm on Fridays).
Express shipments are possible until 02:00 pm.

What is the waiting time after registration?
Individual access is set up for each customer to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible.
You will receive the access data in a separate e-mail and can log in directly after receipt.

Is there a minimum order value?
The minimum order value amounts to € 60,00. If your shopping cart does not reach the minimum order value,
a minimum order surcharge of € 20,00 will be charged.

The article you are looking for cannot be found!
In order to achieve the best possible search result for you, we are constantly working on optimizing the search. It is possible to search for a warehouse with your own company internal article number. For this, your account manager needs a list with the name, brand and your company internal article number.

Wrong product image?
Please do not get irritated by wrong product pictures. If no product image has been stored for an article, the image will automatically be taken from the main category. We strive to expand and update the image material more and more.

If you should nevertheless be shown a wrong picture, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to ecommerce@laeppche.de. Thank you very much for your feedback!

How do I return a product?
Before you return the item, please inform your account manager. We will be happy to send you the completed complaint report directly. Your customer advisor will contact you.

Please note: In case of an unjustified complaint you may be charged for the costs!

How do I order products from my frame agreement?
Currently, you can only display your blanket orders.

How often are offers/orders/frame orders updated?
Your orders are updated hourly.

Where do I manage my shipping addresses?
In the customer area (My account) you have the possibility to manage your delivery addresses.

What payment methods are there?
We currently offer prepayment and on account.

Why can't I see any stock?
You will see the plain text stock as a customer in the logged-in area.

Stock color green Article stock over 10 pieces
Stock color yellow Article stock less than 10 pieces but more than 0 pieces
Stock color red Article stock is equal to 0 pieces

How do I import my data sheet into my shopping cart?
In order to import your shopping list into the shopping cart, your Excel spreadsheet must be saved in CSV format. Here you can see an example of how the list has to be structured to be imported:
29405.16.1.3,2 (Laeppché article number,quantity)

example article import with csv

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